ICT and Governance

Building an outstanding digital experience

Building an outstanding digital experience that is sustainably repeatable and scalable is no small feat says Bertrandt Delport, Country Host, BT South Africa.
Bertrandt Delport

Does South Africa have adequate skill set to tackle data breaches?

There is a global shortage in information security skills, although it has become a field of study that has become popular in recent years.

Zambia transitions to a digital IDs

Over the following decade, the initiative hopes to enroll 10 million people.

Eswatini exploits AI in its economic diversification push

The project involves conducting an airborne geophysical survey and combining geophysical data with the available geological and geochemical data, using AI.

7,000 Nigerian women join tech government-funded training

The government says the programme will support women in technology by giving them a place to network and pool resources to help develop their projects.

Botswana endorses impact of digital education policy

The country's digital strategy has connected 609 schools to high-speed internet, giving over 387 000 pupils access to e-learning and other digital resources.
22 Nov

Kenya deploys Microsoft's cloud services in public sector

The agreement aims to improve Kenya's digital transformation and is based on assisting the government in attaining the country's digital economy objectives.

Huawei launches a skills transfer project in Botswana

Huawei promises to help universities provide trained workers to fulfil industrial demands while also advancing digital transformation.

Botswana begins IPv6 migration preparations

Botswana says the move will propel the country to fully realise the benefits of digitalisation and become a high-income country with a knowledge-based economy.
20 Nov

Nigeria drives digital transformation agenda

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy to accelerate the nation’s economy by diversifying it.
20 Nov

First Zambia institution connected to Starlink

The connection of Kalomo Secondary School in the Southern province, comes four months after the company obtained a licence to operate in the country.

Video: ICT SMME Chamber boss receives Lifetime Achievement award

Tyira, who also serves on the boards of MICT SETA and Broadband Infraco, was honoured for his work to improve small company entrepreneurs in the ICT field.

Ethiopia begins large-scale digital ID rollout

The Prime Minister's Office's National Identification Programme will produce these IDs within three years, including for migrant returnees, internally displaced people, and other vulnerable groups.