ICT and Governance

Nigerian edu-tech firm promotes digital skills in local languages

The firm says language barrier is one of the most significant barriers to the adoption of digital skills in Nigeria and must be addressed with greatest urgency.
Samuel Olomu

Cameroon tipped as digital hub for Central Africa

Cameroon, with relatively advanced digital infrastructure when compared to regional peers, is the favorite tech hub host, according to Nigerian based think tank.

Experts offer Malawi govt help to fight hackers

President Lazarus Chakwera announced last week that hackers had taken control of the country's passport printing machinery, demanding an undisclosed payment.

ECA strengthens Botswana’s digital agenda

The ECA said the platform facilitates the tracking of progress, identification of emerging trends, and the formulation of strategic decisions anchored on data.

Rodger Werkhoven urges Nigerians to adopt AI to grow economy

Werkhoven who was in Lagos recently shared the transformative possibilities of AI for Nigeria's economic progress.

Kenya's High Court lifts injunction on new digital IDs issuance

High Court Judge John Chigiti overruled earlier order and instructed that the case be sent to the constitutional human rights division for hearing and determination.

Malawi’s passport system gets compromised by cyber-attack

Hackers have compromised Malawi’s passport system and are seeking a ransom, which the government has refused to pay.

Economic Commission for Africa aims to empower 650m workers with digital skills

Proponents claimed that Africa's digital economy has huge promise. However, unlocking this promise depends on eliminating key gaps, such as a shortage of digital skills.

Tanzania launches initiative to protect children online

The campaign will educate children, parents, and teachers about their roles in keeping children safe online.
16 Feb

Rwanda lauds growth in transactions on e-government portal

Since its launch, today Irembo hosts over 40 e-services deriving from 6 different government agencies with more than 90,000 users a month.
14 Feb

Senegal dragged to court over internet shutdowns

The move has been hailed as a critical step towards holding individuals accountable for the internet restrictions imposed between June and August of last year.

Nigeria cracks down on cyber bullying and fake news

Africa's most populous country has announced  yesterday that its police service are monitoring online platforms.

WHO taps into Africa's flourishing mobile money space

WHO is one of the worldwide organisations moving away from the inconvenient and risky habit of paying wages in cash.