Power outages leave Namibians without telecom network

Telcos MTC Namibia and Telecom Namibia both reported service problems this week.
Mthulisi Sibanda

Ethio Telecom introduces 127 new products, services

The company said improving accessibility of its products and services was a priority in the previous financial year.

Lessons in wireless networks at sports events can help companies

Sports stadiums and arenas require reliable connectivity to support thousands of concurrent users during events.

Ethio Telecom reports increase in revenue, net earnings

The telco says in order to boost the capacity and coverage of its telecom and digital infrastructure, it has undertaken a series of network improvement projects to assure service quality.

GSMA and World Bank partner to boost handset affordability

The consortium said if smartphones were priced at around $20, an additional 270 million Africans would be able to purchase them, potentially narrowing the usage gap by 23%.

Huawei, Zambia partner on a smart village initiative

President Hakainde Hichilema launched the program at a community in the Southern province.

FTTB for the SME: It’s time to step into cost optimisation

Fibre-to-the-business trends and how cost-effective connectivity is reigniting the small to medium enterprise.

Huawei presents Global Optical Summit in SA

The company released a series of F5G-A products and solutions for sub-Saharan Africa and launched the OptiX Club member recruitment event to drive local industry intelligence.

Huawei to train 150,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa

Huawei says it has already exceeded its initial goal by 120%, 10 months ahead of schedule, training over 120,000 individuals over the past 26 months.

Safaricom donates $116,279 to protest victims

The telco announced yesterday  it will provide $77,518 to the hospital's Disaster Response Center and $38,759 in assistance devices to the injured.

Huawei commits to expand African investment

The company believes Africa has enormous potential, and Huawei is willing to work with governments and businesses to capitalise on these opportunities.

Telecom Egypt signs $600m deal to upgrade infrastructure

The multi-million dollar infrastructure deal was this week signed on the second day of the Egypt-EU Investment Conference launched by the president of Egypt El Sisi and EU president Ursula Von Der Leyen.

MTN Rwanda reports significant gains on 4G expansion

MTN Rwanda says it is exploring strategic alliances and aligning with the government's digital services policy to enable connectivity.