Broadband connections in Nigeria are increasing gradually

The Nigerian Communication Commission says the country's broadband internet connections climbed by 1.3 percent month over month in February to 93.4 million.
Okoro Chinedu

Where fibre goes, business and growth will follow

High-quality fibre connectivity is essential for businesses, particularly SMEs, to thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Bayobab takes control of MTN Zambia fibre

The international fibre player believes the move will help position Zambia as a digital hub in the region.

When to use a voice gateway

Q-KON SA has been distributing and implementing, or helping to implement, voice gateways for nearly 25 years.

Smartz Solutions replaces legacy contact centre application at Ticketpro

Ticketpro partnered with Smartz Solutions to remove operational inefficiencies and boost customer experiences.

The e-waste challenge: A call for collaborative circular solutions

Africa generates 2.9 million Mt of e-waste annually, not including the amounts of e-waste illegally imported from developing countries.

MVNO Zegtel plans to invest $21.8 million in Nigeria

The telco says this investment aims to bridge the digital gap and deliver affordable connectivity to millions of Nigerians who now lack access to telecom services.

Namibia launches telecom towers rollout project

This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide in the unserved and underserved areas of Namibia by providing access to connectivity, according to the government.

Bayobab Group incorporates nine fibre companies

Bayobab acquired additional fibre operating licences in critical markets, including Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire, and the Central African Republic.
Mar 22, 2024

Meta's 2Africa cable landing a windfall for African economies

At 45,000 km, 2Africa is the world's longest undersea cable, connecting 33 countries with 46 landing points in Africa, Europe, and Asia when completed.
Mar 22, 2024

Telkom sells Swiftnet for $343 million to Towerco Bidco

Telkom has been looking to sell the towers for nearly three years, as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed business strives to maximise shareholder value.
Mar 19, 2024

MTN Rwanda records double-digit fibre growth

The telco is seeing growth in fibre-to-the-home, 4G adoption as well as usage of its MoMo services.
Mar 18, 2024

Egoras launches blockchain-powered EV charging model

Nigerian startup unveils electric vehicle charging station model, which the company hopes will boost adoption of EVs in the country.