Data Management

Byte-sized banditry: When AI models infringe copyright in training content

With AI models, needing big datasets for training, fair use has become a big deal.
Dina Biagio

Fighting the scourge of cybercrime

While the solution is built for forensics, it can be utilised to create an operational solution for the client.

Metrofile Kenya unveils new cloud services, targets East Africa

The new services, according to the company, would help clients digitally transform while also meeting regulatory standards.

Kenya organises data protection hackathon

The hackathon will take place next month, with winners receiving $1.600 (Ksh.200.000) in prize money.

Navigating the future of customer loyalty: Trends, benefits, and essential platforms

The time to act for businesses looking to launch or revamp their loyalty programmes is now.

Five security must-haves that an insurtech should never compromise on

As insurance businesses move from old tech to newer digital systems and products, they could be opening themselves up to security risks.

Boosting financial data centre resilience with AI-driven predictive power backup solutions

UPS system failure is one of the leading causes of unplanned data centre outages.

The rise of gen AI: Shaping the future of work in SA

At its core, gen AI is the ability of machines to learn from data, and generate new content or insights based on that learning.

Elevating data ethics: a perspective on responsible data management

At the core of ethical data management lies a moral imperative to respect the rights and dignity of individuals whose data we manage.

Africa Data Centres, DPA SA construct solar farm in Free State

The solar facilities will provide renewable energy to Africa Data Centres facilities, beginning with its carrier-neutral data centre in Cape Town.

Equatorial Guinea edges closer to passing cybercrimes law

The legislative panel reviewing the draft law, to govern the use of social media and cyberspace, adopted the articles determining cybercrimes earlier this week.

Google Cloud appoints head of security unit META region

Noor Al-Sulaiti appointed  as head of security business development and government relations for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region.

Kagiso Trust bemoans lacking skills for ineffective tech use in local govt

The trust has identified that the skills gap, workplace culture and leadership buy-in are holding back South Africa’s municipal governments.