Data Management
9 hours ago

Teraco welcomes Routed as a local cloud provider on Africa Cloud Exchange

Routed now offers a VMWare cloud platform for clients seeking access to multiple cloud environments.

Orange helps build up data analysis in construction

IOT platform collects, analyses and visualises data in real time to better manage resources.

White paper: Without a third-party solution, Office 365 users are at risk of data loss

Many users of Microsoft Office 365 have overlooked a potential liability.

Africa slow to develop flexible drone regulations for healthcare

Despite ground-breaking drone applications in Africa, regulators have been slow to develop legislation to keep pace with the evolving technology.

Africa progresses into the COVID-19 Health Passport domain

Econet subsidiary Cassava Fintech International launches blockchain-based solution to digitise pandemic testing process.
2 Jul

SAS offers Africa's learners free access to e-learning portal

Students in Africa can access Software Certified Young Professionals portal.
24 Jun

African datacentre operators back free hosting

Umbrella organisation Africa Data Centre Association says core objective is to support business efforts to recover from COVID-19.
24 Jun

COVID-19 comms platform launched to support Africa

MTN, UN ECA, Africa Centre for Disease Control collaborate to establish ACCIP, Set to reach more than 600 million users across the continent.

Real-time analytics in retail – it’s now or never

‘Streaming analytics’ is the future of real data insight in the retail sector says Andrew Dawson, Managing Director at Cognizance Processing.
19 Jun

Africa’s ‘Amazon’ for COVID-19 medical supplies launches

The Africa Medical Supplies Platform unlocks access to critical COVID-19 medical equipment for all member states of the African Union.

Kenya launches KoviTrace app to curb COVID-19

Solution uses geo-sensing technology to keep track of COVID-19 geolocations.
17 Jun

Mobilising data analytics to fight COVID-19

Data scientists and business analysts will have to adjust models to operate in ‘new normal’ advises SAS.