Obscure Technologies spotlights upcoming Microsoft and Rubrik Cyber Resilience Summit

The Microsoft and Rubrik Cyber Resilience Summit webinar is scheduled for 6 March, and is described as a must-attend event.
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Mauritius Telecom punts emerging tech for competitive edge

The telco is investigating the possibilities of using artificial intelligence for competitive advantage and cyber resilience.

Humans and AI: Exploring the cycle of complementary coexistence

Time has already shown that even GenAI has its pitfalls and isn’t going to make us all redundant just yet.

Don’t gamble with your cybersecurity

The recent wave of cyberattacks targeting the global casino and hospitality industries has raised alarm bells.

Deception technology crucial to unmasking the silent theft of data

A backup and recovery strategy is not enough to stop the silent theft of data.

Malawi’s passport system gets compromised by cyber-attack

Hackers have compromised Malawi’s passport system and are seeking a ransom, which the government has refused to pay.
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Kenya leads global interest in Sam Altman’s Worldcoin

Kenya leads the group with a Google Trends score of 100, indicating a considerable interest in Worldcoin and associated endeavours.

Tabiri seeks to end Africa’s cyber security talent crunch

The US firm intends to staff its monitoring operation with personnel from Rwanda, trained through a partnership that includes Carnegie Mellon University.

Why humans should consider granting rights to robots

Over the past few decades, science fiction-inspired technologies have undergone significant advancements.

When is sharing oversharing on social media?

The best way to avoid the dangers of this trend is simply not to engage in it, according to Collard.

Dormant malware - beware the lurking threat to your data

To successfully defend against such attacks, companies must find ways to layer their security.

Effectively managing a hybrid cloud environment

With the rise of hybrid cloud adoption, organisations need to tread carefully in order to reap the desired benefits.

SA Telecoms in 2024: Smoke (signals) and mirrors versus real 5G gains?

Looking ahead, 5G is set to revolutionise communication and connectivity, bringing improved speeds, accessibility and mobility.