Adopting a DevOps approach brings speed and agility to software development

A DevOps approach to software development ensures that the software development lifecycle is agile, client-focused and quick to deploy changes.
Tim de Lange and Pragasen Naicker

Are South African businesses ready for the Metaverse?

The metaverse, the hypothetical, fully immersive, three-dimensional, and interactive future state of the Internet, is creeping ever closer to becoming a reality.

Data centres are more vulnerable than ever

According to recent report by Bloomberg, hackers have stolen data centre credentials from major corporations, publishing this information on the dark web.

Cybersecurity requires partnerships, not products

A recent report by cybersecurity company, Surfshark indicates that South Africa had the fifth highest cybercrime victim density in the world in 2022.

Championing inclusive digital identity approach in Africa – at scale

iiDENTIFii has trained its algorithm on over 50 million African faces, says Gur Geva, founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii.

Five ways your phone system can save your people time

For the people involved, this means risking burnout or quiet quitting unless business owners and managers look at ways to help their employees cope.
11 May

Turning an e-commerce fling into a long-term relationship with personalised print

Brands must captivate the customer’s sustained interest and turn a single interaction into a meaningful relationship, says Tunca Rodoplu, senior marketing manager, B2B at Canon.

Thought Leadership: Software Enabling the World

It has been argued that software is consuming the world, however in recent times this could be modified to software is “enabling” the world.

How to take advantage of a buoyant rental market

With the ever-present reality of loadshedding, if you can afford to invest in alternative energy sources for the property, it will stand out from other homes that have no inverter or solar power, says Andrea Tucker, Director, MortgageMe.

Innovating the property transfer process for a more efficient future

In South Africa, the property transfer process kicks off once an offer to purchase is presented to a transferring attorney.

RCS: Empowering MNOs to compete against OTT players in lucrative A2P messaging space

The future of business messaging lies with RCS messaging – it is what consumers want, it is what enterprises will need to provide, and will ultimately benefit from it as the engagement it offers is superior to that of any other digital channel.

What HR professionals need to know about job candidate scams

The most common, and often the most obvious, misrepresentations are on job seekers’ CVs says Sameer Kumandan, managing director, SearchWorks.