New alliance to drive blockchain adoption in Africa

United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) signs agreement with Clinq Gold.
Christopher Tredger

African Tech Voices EXCLUSIVE: The key elements of robust data security in healthcare

The health sector is now the most targeted industry in the world as an increase of around 22% was recorded across all industries by the end of 2020 says Takalane Khashane, Managing Director, Iron Mountain South Africa.

Policy updates: What’s in store for South African telecoms in 2023?

With digital migration (seemingly) imminent and spectrum allocation continuing to open up, the country is ripe with potential Nic Laschinger, CTO, Euphoria Telecom.

African Tech Voices: It’s time to demystify Intellectual Property in Kenyan innovation

It is only by collaborating with others that we can begin to effectively address IP-related challenges in Kenya says Sheilah Birgen, Country Lead for Kenya at Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance Africa.

NaaS: Pulling the levers towards sustainable success

If the global IT industry were a country, it would be the fifth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world says Mandy Duncan, Aruba Country Manager South Africa.

Top 10 data privacy and protection priorities for organisations in 2023

Data protection is instrumental in achieving data privacy and by description.

African Tech Voices: Governing cybersecurity from the top as a strategic business enabler

Cyber threats are increasing at a rate far greater than the industry is able to cope with. Despite this, C-Suite executives still don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough while boards are not nearly as engaged in cybersecurity as they are in other areas of oversight, says Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA CyberSecurity.

African Tech Voices: Kenya is eating South Africa’s lunch

David Ansara, Chief Executive of the Free Market Foundation, recently visited Kenya and has drawn interesting socio-economic and political comparisons between that country and South Africa.

Traditional banks missing opportunities to compete with newcomers

Unless traditional banks pay careful attention to their supporting infrastructure, they are unlikely to remain relevant says Chris Wood, Regional Managing Director, Southern Africa and PALOPS at Network International.

Privacy implications of more companies taking their business global

With International Data Privacy Day on 28 January, Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Zoho Corp, outlines data privacy for multinational business best practice.

African Tech Voices: Blockchain to rebuild African financial system and tell new story

Ian Putter, Head of Blockchain COE at Standard Bank Group, and Founder & Regional Director of Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) Africa, comments on how blockchain technology can bridge the financial gap.

SMS remains a force to be reckoned with

Even 30 years after its launch says Marthinus Jansen van Vuuren, Content Marketing Expert at Infobip.

The office as a service, not a space

Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Zoho, says organisations need to change their perception of the office.