African Tech Voices: The business value of modern Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The global HCI Market is expected to grow from US$ 7.8-billion in 2020 to US$ 27.1-billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 28.1% as per ResearchandMarkets.com, says Tony Bartlett, Director Data Centre Compute Solutions at Dell Technologies South Africa.
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More security won't reduce cyber risk. What does?

The problem doesn't necessarily sit with security technology but rather with how the technology world has changed says Encore's co-founder, Lior Arbel.

Voice note vs voice call vs none of the above - the generational war rages on

There are at least three sides: Pro phone calls. Pro voice notes. And pro ‘anything that doesn’t involve voice’ says Euphoria Telecom CEO John Woollam.

A paradigm shift is required to teach software development

Conservatively, we are looking at a turnaround time of seven to eight years to build South Africa’s software developer pool says Gareth Hawkey, Non-executive Director of redAcademy and Group CEO of redPanda Software.

Combatting the complexities of the data era with as-a-service data management

It is vital that channel partners guide businesses as they look to evolve and reinforce digital capabilities says Vangelis Lagousakos, General Manager Channel Sales Middle East, Africa & Turkey at Dell Technologies.

African Tech Voices: The AfCFTA promise to improve labour mobility, spur wealth creation in Africa

Policymakers say that the free movement of labour will be a key contributor to the successful functioning of the free trade area says Margaret Soi, Head of Cross Border Banking, Bank One.

Tech leaders press for better response to Africa's demand for connectivity, digital literacy

Digital transformation and the promises of 4IR means little if Africa’s urban-rural digital divide is not addressed more effectively.

EXCLUSIVE: Resilience and relevance define the modern Managed Service Provider

Alan Turnley-Jones, CEO of Dimension Data MEA, shares insights into the managed services environment, and the critical considerations that define a value-led MSP.
Aug 30, 2022

The 2022 holiday planning guide for retailers

What’s in store for retailers as they prepare for the 2022 holiday shopping season? Zuko Mdwaba, Area Vice President, Salesforce South Africa, offers perspective.
Aug 29, 2022

AIOps: Turning noise into actionable IT operational data

By infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into IT operations, it becomes possible to use machine learning (ML) and deep learning to help IT operations make proactive, intelligent decisions says Dave Link, founder and CEO of ScienceLogic.
Aug 26, 2022

African Tech Voices: Define and tackle your edge

Now is the time to maximise the value of the data your business is generating and drive your business forward with actionable insights says Tony Bartlett, Director Data Centre Compute Solutions at Dell Technologies South Africa.
Aug 25, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: We cannot afford not to teach math and science in South Africa

Situation flies in the face of the government’s strategy to embrace the fourth industrial revolution by 2030 says James Lees, Co-founder and managing director of AdvantageLearn.com
Aug 24, 2022

Don’t rue not getting into Bitcoin early, invest consistently now

To butcher a cliché, the best time to invest in Bitcoin was a decade ago says Tony Mallam, Managing Director, upnup.