AI in insurance - and why it shouldn’t scare you

Some call artificial intelligence (AI) the peak of human ingenuity. Although still in its infancy, the successes of AI are mounting.
Charlotte Koep

Smaller businesses, don’t be left behind

In terms of market uptake, there's still a bit of misconception that BMS’ are too expensive.

Using technology and data to improve healthcare in South Africa

Technology and data can improve and uplift communities in South Africa especially from a healthcare perspective.

Elevating Modern Businesses: The Soaring Impact of Cloud ERP

Enhanced decision-making is a critical advantage of cloud ERP, enabling decision-makers to access up-to-date information and analyse trends more effectively.

The evolution of digital finance - conversational wallets

Conversational wallets have transformed how we manage our finances, offering numerous advantages for individuals and businesses alike.

What were the big telco sector policy wins and losses for 2023?

From a policy perspective, 2023 started with a lot of hope and ambition in the telecommunications sector.

Three challenges CIOs currently face - and how to fix them

Across industries, as technology becomes more central to business operations the role of a CIO is increasingly broad.

Cyber insurance may have benefits, but it won’t get your stolen data back

With the rampant rise in ransomware incidents, the likelihood of an organisation being successfully breached is now extremely high.

Managing data is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in retail

In a digital landscape, retailers now have access to massive amounts of accurate, real-time data and greater visibility into the competition.

Role of leadership in leveraging some of the benefits in AI

It is important to realise that AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution that can be indiscriminately applied to any problem or opportunity without careful consideration.

How we achieve the energy future Africa needs

We need to implement the solutions that deliver energy in the most sustainable, reliable, and affordable way.

Building an outstanding digital experience

Building an outstanding digital experience that is sustainably repeatable and scalable is no small feat says Bertrandt Delport, Country Host, BT South Africa.

Building Networks for the New Digital Age

Regardless of the environment chosen, modern networks must be enablers of innovation and not just conduits of data.