Before, during, and after: How SA organisations can best counter and respond to cyberthreats

A successful recovery process is one that achieves a return to normality, where it’s business as usual for the organisation.
Prenesh Padayachee
9 hours ago

Navigating the impact of South Africa’s digital nomad visa on local coders

Remote work is gaining popularity, allowing individuals to combine travelling the globe with maintaining full-time employment.

Increased competition and bond switching set to shake up the SA property market

Utilising state-of-the-art public and private key encryption, e4 ensures the integrity and non-reputability of these transactions.

Byte-sized banditry: When AI models infringe copyright in training content

With AI models, needing big datasets for training, fair use has become a big deal.

Leveraging the omnichannel can dramatically improve debt collection and customer service

Technology will play a crucial role here, as it is already drastically improving contact centre callbacks.

Where fibre goes, business and growth will follow

High-quality fibre connectivity is essential for businesses, particularly SMEs, to thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

AI could create a turning point for financial inclusion in Africa

AI tools can analyse data from client discussions, producing legal documents in simple language and at a fraction of the cost of what it would typically take to draft a contract

Fighting the scourge of cybercrime

While the solution is built for forensics, it can be utilised to create an operational solution for the client.

The world is changing and your people strategy should be too

Done right, agile talent models have the potential to transform businesses growth and profitability.

How AI is elevating Africa’s role in geopolitics and grand strategy

The path ahead is largely unwritten for now, and Africa is poised to write a success story of strategic innovation and growth.

AI’s power in redefining cross-border payments in a connected world

While technologies have long been a part of the evolution of the sector, none have made quite an impact as artificial intelligence (AI) has.

Navigating the future of customer loyalty: Trends, benefits, and essential platforms

The time to act for businesses looking to launch or revamp their loyalty programmes is now.

Five security must-haves that an insurtech should never compromise on

As insurance businesses move from old tech to newer digital systems and products, they could be opening themselves up to security risks.