UCaaS, the next evolution of cloud PBX, is enjoying good growth in South Africa

The maturity of the sector will only accelerate as access to good, reliable connectivity widens and hyperscalers continue to invest in South African data centres.
Rob Lith

The role of culture in business: A lesson from the CrowdStrike incident

The CrowdStrike failure underscores the dangers of prioritising growth and shareholder value over the health of the company culture.

Redefining the retail strategy through store reinvention

Retailers are proactively merging digital components with their physical store environments to boost customer engagement and operational efficiency.

AI code generation: Friend or foe to developers?

Picture a future where developers channel their expertise into solving complex problems, while AI takes care of routine coding tasks.

Professionalising skills in the BPO sector will promote growth

To enhance versatility and collaboration, employees should be encouraged to learn about different functions and processes within the organisation.

Upskilling retail’s youth: The power of microlearning and effective communication

The spotlight shines on the crucial task of empowering and developing the nation’s young workforce.

Defying data barriers: How IT and value define the business

Technical leaders need to find ways of working with the data and the technology to ensure it is oriented more closely to the business.

Collaboration and investment key to strengthening Africa’s digital payments cybersecurity

As the digital payments landscape in Africa expands, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes increasingly urgent.

Automation and AI: Finding the balance in contact centres

Without a clear understanding of how AI fits into the overall strategy, contact centres risk misalignment, says James Guthrie, founder of Smartz Solutions.

Navigating AI’s impact on the future of work

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise industries globally, South Africa suddenly finds itself at a crucial juncture.

Africa’s mines and factories must brace for AI and ‘bots’ as part of an integrated safety and network solution

What we can expect going forward is to see AI being layered more into worker safety solutions because automation has such a massive safety upside.

Lessons in wireless networks at sports events can help companies

Sports stadiums and arenas require reliable connectivity to support thousands of concurrent users during events.

Future-proofing payroll: HR leads with automation

Personal income tax—including PAYE—is the South African government’s most reliable income stream and contributes more than a third of total tax revenues.