BI and Data Analytics

Take action to ensure data governance meets compliance requirements

To handle data in today’s world, businesses need to secure it, defend against threats and be able to recover in case of an incident.
Lourens Sanders

Pivoting into productivity with artificial intelligence

Companies should consider partnering with an accredited Microsoft service provider to ensure they are able to fully realise the value of their Copilot investment.

Dormant malware - beware the lurking threat to your data

To successfully defend against such attacks, companies must find ways to layer their security.

Could AI change how contact centres approach multilingual support?

In South Africa, besides English, you’ll probably get one or two at most.

Three things that can take a mine’s logistics chain from good to great

Optimisation systems should float above any tracking devices, and be based on strong relationships with telematics companies.

The importance of transparency in AI use for businesses

Learn how to build trust and embrace AI responsibly in your business by prioritizing transparency, ethical considerations, and customer feedback.

Data management can give businesses in Kenya the edge by improving agility, decision-making

Effective data management practices translate into information that is simple to access and analyse in order to guide business decisions, says Saul Wamalwa, regional manager for West, East and Central Africa at Commvault.

Authenticity as an essential and powerful sales tool

The importance of being a reliable partner within the public sector to navigate the digital migration journey.

Africa’s mining investment outlook hinges on AI adoption

Ultimately, AI is quickly taking its place across industries worldwide, helping companies better regulate operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and attract investments.
Feb 1, 2024

Oracle to open second African public cloud region in Kenya

The database vendor has strengthened its position in the country and continent by revealing investment plans.
Feb 1, 2024

Google’s new way to cloud advances better business for SA customers

AI, data analytics, proactive security and advanced architecture that supports ongoing innovation are at the heart of Google Cloud’s ‘new way to cloud’, says Digicloud Africa.
Jan 31, 2024

The future of AI is human

As AI continues to advance, it will create new job opportunities that require uniquely human skills.
Jan 29, 2024

Op-ed: Five steps all marketers should take to be prepared for a privacy-centric future

People want to know what personal data is collected, how it’s used, and who it’s being shared with online.