Elevating Modern Businesses: The Soaring Impact of Cloud ERP

Enhanced decision-making is a critical advantage of cloud ERP, enabling decision-makers to access up-to-date information and analyse trends more effectively.
Rajnish Upadhyay

Adopt AI technologies to drive innovation and growth, BUI advises East Africa’s business leaders

Delegates gathered to explore the role of AI in mitigating online threats and enhancing workplace efficiency.

Workday makes play for SA market with Skills Cloud

The Skill Cloud's debut is part of the company's efforts to nurture talent and grow critical abilities in the country.

Orange Botswana opens tier 3 data centre

According to Orange, this data centre will operate as a catalyst for economic growth, providing businesses with the technological foundation they need to prosper in the digital age.

Onix Data Centre connects to Angola Cables Network

The facility already serves primary banking and financial clients, and it was specifically designed to provide flexible services to the business and corporate sector.
22 Nov

Kenya deploys Microsoft's cloud services in public sector

The agreement aims to improve Kenya's digital transformation and is based on assisting the government in attaining the country's digital economy objectives.
22 Nov

Cloud adoption to boost SA's economy

According to a recent study, cloud adoption might result in the creation of 142 000 jobs, a reduction in carbon emissions of roughly 4,74 million metric tonnes. ,.

Introducing the First True Cloud Platform for Cyber Resilience in the Hybrid Enterprise

The need for modern cyber resilience has never been greater. If, for example, an organization is unable to recover from an attack in a matter of hours, that can directly impact brand reputations and customer loyalty.

Demand clean internet from your ISP

The demand for clean internet is becoming the ISP’s new distinguishing value-add, says LucidView.

AFRICACOM: Tech heavyweights collaborate to secure the cloud

Liquid C2 and Google Cloud announce partnership to roll out cloud and security technologies to business.
Nov 6, 2023

Building a technology business for the people, by the people

What does the future hold for players in the cloud space?

Liquid C2 appoints insider Oswald Jumira as CEO

The new CEO of the cloud and cyber security business replaces David Behr, who left to join MTN.
Nov 1, 2023

Google Cloud helps Argility boost SA retail competitiveness

Advanced digital technologies are key to enabling large retailers to overcome today's top challenges, says Marko Salic, CTO at Argility Technology Group.