Enjoy the cloud but beware the thunderstorm

Cloud turns into a thunderstorm when organisations give IT teams a budget for the cloud without the foundational elements of a strong governance framework warns James Hickman, Head of Sales, Marketing and Solutioning: Altron Karabina.
James Hickman

Local Zones key to AWS’ Africa growth strategy

Amazon Web Services said it is committed to the Africa market and recently launched a Local Zone in Kenya, one of 32 to be launched in 26 countries beginning this year.

The ICT skills you need to stay ahead of the digital curve

Accelerated demand for cloud skills is a direct result of the pandemic says Prudence M. Mathebula, Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic DNA.
11 May

SA hosts Africa’s first edge datacentre ecosystem

Open Access Data Centres (OADC) expects to deploy ecosystem in Nigeria later this year.

Africa determined to set its own datacentre agenda

More focus on data residency, sovereignty, as well as rise in new technologies such as AI, automation, IoT and analytics, which are being democratised by the cloud says Africa Data Centres CEO.

Building business resilience post pandemic

All the digital transformation projects initiated during the pandemic will remain a permanent feature of the way businesses will operate going forward, says Bruce Moepye, MD of Gen2 Enterprise Services, part of the Gen2 Group.

‘Datacentres become power producers’

One-to-one with Africa Data Centre’s Dan Kwach
3 May

IOT keeps people and assets productive, efficient, safe

The use of a multi-purpose, open systems IOT platform and sensors allows a business to answer its most critical questions.

iOCO Cloud’s any cloud-as-a-service simplifies multi-cloud solutions with VMware

iOCO division leveraging VMware Cloud Provider Partner status to enable customers to centralise cloud deployment.
Apr 19, 2022

The importance of high-density in datacentre infrastructure

The high-density datacentre packs far more punch for the modern business, and within improved sustainability and cost targets, says Conrad Kock- Principal Practice Head: Intelligent Infrastructure at Dimension Data.
Apr 19, 2022

Creating competitive experiences with the cloud

Cloud is the ubiquitous, smart and customisable connector of customers to experiences says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO.
Apr 5, 2022

Equinix acquires MainOne for US$320m

Global digital infrastructure company Equinix says it’s the first step in its long-term strategy to become a leading African carrier-neutral firm.