Internet of things

IOT keeps people and assets productive, efficient, safe

The use of a multi-purpose, open systems IOT platform and sensors allows a business to answer its most critical questions.

Collaboration is key to IOT success

The Internet of things (IOT) holds the potential to be the foundation of a truly intelligent world. However, ensuring its success will depend on utilising an open source approach to development.
Feb 6, 2017

Industry 4.0 and the post-secondary education sector

OPENCOLLAB post-secondary education sector, has been assessing the impact of Industry 4.0?post-secondary education sector.

Filling the IoT connectivity and security gaps

Perry Hutton writes on how we can?connect, secure and manage?IoT devices which are a critical component of the new digital economy.

What are the 'things' in the Internet of things?

IOT will contain new assets that will take the Internet from being a network of human-operated devices to a network containing many non-human-operated devices according to Tyson Macaulay of Fortinet.

4 Reasons Industrial IoT is Advancing Manufacturing Processes

Technology-driven real time optimization of manufacturing production has become a reality.
Jul 3, 2014

Systems of Things: The building blocks for the next internet revolution

Someday, we will be healthier because our doctors will have access to all the data they need about our health.