IOT keeps people and assets productive, efficient, safe

The use of a multi-purpose, open systems IOT platform and sensors allows a business to answer its most critical questions.
Jun 8, 2020

Evolve. Change. Thrive

The Internet of Things will help business models evolve in times when change is the only constant says SqwidNet Managing Director, Phathizwe Malinga.
Apr 30, 2020

What’s your edge?

Edge computing can be an asset by reducing latency and enabling real-time analytics says Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President - MERAT, at Dell Technologies.
Mar 3, 2020

Managed security services are about protecting data

Everything digital generates vast amounts of data that need to be processed says Simeon Tassev, MD and Qualified Security Assessor at Galix.
Oct 29, 2018

Trust in blockchain flourishes

With the right backing in place, a host of business ecosystems can be transformed says Laurent Castillo, blockchain expert: Gemalto Innovation Labs.

IOT: Pandora's Box or enterprise enabler?

George Kalebaila, Research Director for telecommunications, media and IOT at International Data Corporation (IDC) delves into the dynamics of this tech resource.

The disruptive force that is IoT

Deon Liebenberg, Managing Executive: Internet of Things, Vodacom, says we are yet to push the boundaries of our digital transformation.
Oct 4, 2017

AI – delivering value to the IoT strategy

Organisations can derive a lot of business value by enabling their IoT solutions through AI and machine learning says Eckart Zollner, Head of Business Development, the Jasco Group.
May 30, 2017

CRS Technologies offers something in HR others cannot

CRS Technologies is entirely focused on solutions that redefine the HR function in business.
Apr 12, 2017

Learn, segment and protect: securing your organisation in an IoT world

Experts predict there will be 4.3 Internet-connected devices for every man, woman, and child on the planet by 2020.
Apr 11, 2017

Connected Kenya: enterprises urged to ready themselves for IoT boom

Telkom Kenya Managing Director encourages Kenyan businesses to seize imminent opportunities presented by IoT.
Apr 7, 2017

IoT, the internet of threats says Fortinet

Cyber security solutions firm says globally, CXOs are concerned about threats from digital disruptors, but also about how to protect a potentially complex digital enterprise.