Crayon Expands Strategic Partnership With Workplace From Facebook

The extended agreement will help companies connect remote and deskless workers with mobile-friendly and collaborative technology
Sep 21, 2020

Facebook sets up second Africa office in Lagos

Office will support Sub-Saharan Africa region and expected to become operational in H2 2021.
Aug 28, 2020

Facebook creates multimillion-rand grant for SA small business

The social media giant says the grant will assist local companies with cashflow in an effort to stimulate the COVID-hit economy.
Jul 22, 2020

Africa stands to gain US$57-bn from Facebook’s connectivity investment

Study by Analysys Mason highlights what is expected in terms of economic benefit for the continent over the next five years.
Jul 15, 2020

African leaders selected for Facebook community accelerator

The social media giant welcomes 12 community leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa to its first community accelerator, with six of them from SA.
Jul 14, 2020

Companies face tough decision on Facebook boycott

Incubeta’s head of data solutions, Andrew Smit, explains why he still remains sceptical.
Jun 2, 2020

Tech giants condemn racial discrimination, George Floyd death

CEOs from Google, Snap, Apple, Facebook and SpaceX echo their support for racial justice and equality, pledging millions to charity.
Jun 1, 2020

Facebook, Red Cross launch #AfricaTogether COVID-19 campaign

Digital campaign incorporates two-day festival to encourage continued vigilance against pandemic.
May 19, 2020

Facebook to address child sexual exploitation-encryption concerns

The social media giant’s shareholders will vote on public concerns raised about how end-to-end encryption could promote child abuse on the platform.
May 14, 2020

Telcos announce 37,000km 2Africa subsea cable

Collaboration looks to establish new subsea cable project to link 23 countries on the continent, the Middle East and Europe.
Jan 13, 2020

Facebook appoints Middle East, Africa, Turkey lead

The social media company appoints Derya Matraş to grow Facebook’s economic and social impact across the region.