MTN Group chair Mcebisi Jonas identity mimicked in CSI fraud

Mcebisi Jonas is being impersonated as false representatives reach out to the public requesting funding towards MTN foundation projects.
Staff Writer
Sep 19, 2017

Mobile devices - things are getting personal, including attacks

When it comes to mobile devices, things are getting more personal, including attacks. Contact lists, emails and text messages are just the tip of what people keep on their devices.
Mar 11, 2016

OPINION: Cybercrime targets the 'big fish' as phishing turns to 'whaling'

Awareness, education, and the creation of the human firewall the ultimate defence amid increasing attacks.
Jul 20, 2015

Phishing continues to be a people problem

Phishing might be perpetuated via email but it is a people problem and not an email problemaccording to Richard Broeke, a security expert at Securicom.