Nicol Myburgh

Reimagining employment

Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit unpacks the importance of knowing the difference between a contractor and an employee in the mining sector.
Jul 27, 2021

So darn tired. Of Zoom, of digital, of tech and video

A recent peer-reviewed article in Technology, Mind and Behaviour found that videoconferencing activities are exhausting because they’re intense, immobile and mentally demanding.
Sep 30, 2020

Simplifying cross border skills deployment

Nicol Myburgh Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit, says companies need a solution that allows them access to global talent pools without having to invest into the infrastructure.

HR policies must reflect religious freedom

Companies must ensure their HR policies and procedures reflect South Africa's multi-cultural society, especially when it comes to the religious beliefs of their employees, says CRS Technologies.