Exec level changes won’t impact Africa strategy says Seacom

Company has announced a series of changes to its executive leadership structure, but says these were expected and planned for.
Jan 14, 2021

Seacom appoints new group Chief Digital Officer

Change announced after company’s current CTO Claes Segelberg resigns.

Oliver Fortuin to lead Seacom in 2021

MTN executive to replace Byron Clatterbuck who announced resignation effective 31 March next year.
Dec 8, 2020

Disruption and agility: Lessons from businesses that have adapted to the digital world

By looking at businesses that have successfully adapted , business leaders can gain inspiration and insights into what changes they can make says Tonny Tugee, SEACOM East and North East Africa Managing Director.

Why we don’t need to be depressed about the future of work

Alleviating fears that “robots and machines will take our jobs” needs to become a priority if we plan to build a resilient, responsive skills base says Byron Clatterbuck, CEO, SEACOM.
Nov 16, 2020

Black Friday 2020: trends, pitfalls, and opportunities for your business

Businesses that experience a sudden increase in online sales may struggle to scale their supply chains, storage capacity, or delivery services says Steve Briggs, Chief Commercial Officer at SEACOM.
Oct 20, 2020

What you need to know about the digital economy and its role in Africa

Digital economy will ultimately become the ordinary economy, so it is critical to bridge the digital divide now says Patrick Ndegwa, Seacom Business Sales Lead for Seacom East Africa.

Africa, Kenya and the Cloud – the numbers you need to know

If the right investments are made to bolster infrastructure and bandwidth over the next 5 years, Africa will be in a prime position says Francis Wainaina, SEACOM East Africa Senior Product Manager.
Aug 21, 2020

Seacom’s Chief Strategy Officer steps down

Company confirms development, says it won’t impact on expansion strategy in Africa.
Aug 11, 2020

The new business debate: cloud vs security

Business leaders can no longer leave their information security to cybersecurity professionals alone says Francis Wainaina, Senior Product Manager at SEACOM East Africa.
Aug 3, 2020

Unlocking the value of mobile connectivity in Kenya

As many Kenyans rely on word of mouth, awareness of the latest mobile developments is important for them to make use of these technologies says Patrick Ndegwa, SEACOM Business Sales Lead for SEACOM East Africa.