World Economic Forum
Jan 17, 2020

Africa gets social over Blockchain

United Africa Blockchain Association heads to Cape Town to host the first of a series of tech awareness events.
Sep 6, 2019

Mboweni calls for aggressive broadband adoption in Africa

Broadband is key to technologies that promote greater equity, and broader social and economic participation, says finance minister.

Orange mobile tech to aid vaccine coverage in Côte d'Ivoire

Investment worth US$ 5.47 million will be rolled out over the next five years in partnership with the Vaccine Alliance.
Jan 25, 2018

Africa pushes broadband agenda via Davos

Rwanda President to co-chair UN’s Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.
Sep 28, 2017

'Africa can beat the 2020 connectivity deadline'

Network connectivity expert believes that while the continent has made progress, internet access remains limited.
Sep 14, 2017

Will global tripartite ICT agreement pay off for Egypt?

Inaugural steering committee meeting underway in Cyprus, attended by representatives from Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.
Jul 10, 2017

Egypt commits to ICT deal with Cyprus and Greece

Planned centre for capacity building and entrepreneurship in Borg El Arab Technology Park will have branches in Cyprus and Greece.
Jun 27, 2017

Africa readies for organisations of the future

87% of human capital professionals in Africa believe the augmented workforce, robotics, cognitive computing, and AI will steer the workplace of the future.

Advanced application security: at the centre of the digital economy

New digital business ecosystems require new ways of building and securing our applications
Dec 14, 2016

How to manage expat employee payroll in Africa

You need to ensure that your expat employee salaries are unaffected by a transfer to a foreign office, and that your company stays compliant across all its African operations says Bruce van Wyk, Director at PaySpace.

The Next Digital Hub of Africa Isn't Where You Think It Is

Robin Meyerhoff of SAP writes about how?Rwanda has turned into Africa's high tech innovation hub and the world's fastest growing economy.