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Automating transparency with intelligence

Putting a smart eye on process management to ensure that the balls stay in the air when it comes to employee, activity and customer.

There has been an increased emphasis on building and managing remote workforces in the wake of the global pandemic. The remote workforce that’s dispersed across thousands of sites is now disconnected and distant, in need of solutions that allow for greater connection and communication. People need to know who is doing what, and why. Business leaders need to know what eyes sit on what project, and admin teams need to know where information lies.

Which is why, according to Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, companies should look to solutions that empower user insight across the projects and processes, and provide big-picture views that improve visibility and productivity.

“CRS Technologies has developed a product called iProcess which sits within one of our bigger solutions called iConnect,” he explains. “It’s designed to help companies manage their teams more effectively during remote and diverse working, and to track certain processes within a company.”

iProcess is exactly what the name suggests, a process management system that ensures companies don’t drop the ball when it comes to the execution of critical activities within their organisation. It also ensures seamless customer interactions, captures information in an ongoing process to ensure relevant insights and data, and is scalable across multiple company sizes. iProcess has been designed to facilitate visibility across multiple teams and locations, improving collaboration and creating customised processes that can be implemented across different silos and departments.

“It’s very easy for information to get lost in the traffic, especially if there’s limited communication between teams,” says McAlister. “Using this technology, you can set up an entire process and allow the team to work through it which means that everyone is on board and has line of sight from the outset. The platform allows people to see what needs to be done and to move things around to optimise workflows.”

The product was developed out of CRS Technologies’ own challenges. It was built to address the complexities within the company and its diverse workforce, and evolved into a platform that was capable of handling multiple requirements and could be customised to suit varied environments.

“It has improved our own client and internal processes significantly,” says McAlister. “Not only in terms of supporting our people who are working from home, but also when it comes to project flow and performance. We’ve seen a marked improvement in how people work and deliver to their deadlines as a result of this tool – it has really stood us in good stead throughout 2020.”

iProcess was tested in the fires of real world working and has the functionality to support companies of different sizes and from different sectors. It has been developed to give users the ability to always know what is going on in the business, to optimise the every day, and to transform transparency for improved collaboration and engagement.

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