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Foreigners looking for work in Angola - take note

Foreigners looking for work in Angola - take note

The government of Angola has enforced new rules governing the hiring of foreign employees. HR and Human Capital Management (HCM) focused services and solutions provider CRS Technologies advises South African businesses to take cognisance of these rules and their possible impact on operations.

CRS Technologies has identified the most critical of these rules, those that are the most applicable to the hiring of non-resident foreign workers in Angola.

These rules are laid out according to the Presidential Decree No. 79/17, of 24 April and they include: -

The regulation now allows the non-resident foreign employee and the employer to freely establish the duration of the agreement, which may be renewed twice, in accordance with the legislation in force. Previously, there was a limit of 36 months on the maximum duration.

The value and currency of remuneration may be freely agreed between the employer and employee. Previously, payment of remuneration had to be kwanzas.

The new regulation eliminates the prohibition of benefits and supplements paid directly or indirectly in cash or kind, in an amount exceeding 50% of the basic salary.

The payment of the employee's remuneration in foreign currency must be made through a financial institution.

CRS Technologies believes that with the advent of technology and regulation geared towards more relaxed trade, Africa is becoming more open and more accessible to entrepreneurs and innovators.

"Businesses are mushrooming and technology is offering previously inaccessible opportunities to a broader base of companies that want to do business, and tap into relatively new markets, including Angola," says Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologiess.

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