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Elingo backs true cloud disruption across Africa

Elingo backs true cloud disruption across Africa

Elingo, a Gold Partner of Genesys in Africa, continues to push the value of true cloud across Africa.

The company will be in Kenya during the week of 20 May to engage with the East African country's rapidly developing market.

As part of its ongoing marketing drive focused on the value of true cloud solution development and application, Elingo, a top tier Gold Partner of Genesys (where its solutions are built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)), continues to compare different cloud architectures to assist companies on their journey to the cloud.

This information will help decision makers develop and enforce strategies around cloud, cloud-based communications and various cloud platforms.

Elingo's DNA is built around the Genesys Customer Experience Platform and the company is focused on opportunities within the rapidly developing world of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC) and more excitingly collaboration elements.

These elements play a vital role in UC, facilitating access to multiple communication channels from a single application, across multiple devices. It enables users to harness the power of mobile applications and next generation multi-media platforms.

It offers the advantage of an all-in-one comprehensive solution, offering the ability to leverage various channels including video, screen sharing, chat channels, document management and employee profiles.

"It is a natural progression to look at the wider organisation and offer key features and functions that further improve customer experience and the ability to service customers and stakeholders in a professional manner, including business value add such as mobility and compliance to mention a few. Now features and functions that were only available for the Contact Centre can be made available to the greater organisation," says Paul McIntyre, CX Executive of Elingo.

According to Elingo an organisation's ability to communicate with customers, is critical, and customers, quite often dictate their preferred channel of engagement - this is where legacy platforms have reached their end of life, and it's not practical to continue using ‘limited' technologies.

"It is almost a perfect storm, old and obsolete communication platforms, new entrants into the working world dictating means of communication …Mobility is a key cost reduction factor and having to have scarce and costly skills to maintain these obsolete platform where those same skills could be making a huge impact on generating business - all in all, corporations need to embrace cloud- based Unified Communication platforms, and work with a trusted advisor to determine the best platform for business fit," adds McIntyre.

The platform is one area of evaluation, but outside of ‘speeds and feeds', organisations need to unpack the value they will derive from investing in new true cloud solutions, Elingo explains.

"This will include the shift from Capex to Opex budgeting, working with a credible partner to ensure that matrix's identified are realised in an ROI model and finally what value added offerings could add value to the enterprise, from a credible business partner," he continues.

Elingo stands by its view that any potential business partner must have the recognised quality certifications and depth of technical expertise.

The leading cloud services and solutions firm local business owners and executive decision makers to engage directly with the company and find out more about the difference true cloud can make to business.

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