Akinwale Goodluck

Compelling relevant content can address internet usage gap – GSMA

Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Africa, GSMA, delves into issues on the sidelines of GSMA Thrive Africa 2020.
Christopher Tredger
Sep 30, 2020

Sub-Saharan Africa leads in mobile subscription

Latest GSMA report shows the region was home to 477 million mobile subscribers at the end of 2019.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains largely offline

GSMA’s regional head unpacks the challenges in ensuring more people are able to connect.
Mar 26, 2020

Expect a rapid rise in mobile money transactions – GSMA

Organisation believes governments in Africa will seek to reduce cash transactions, reduce face-to-face transactions, among other measures taken.
Nov 25, 2019

Ghana, Uganda to pilot GSMA-backed connectivity solutions

MTN Uganda, Vodacom Ghana and other stakeholders to help address mobile connectivity requirements in rural areas.

Africa's opportunity to make mmWaves with 5G roll out

GSMA outlines the realities facing the continent in being able to leverage mobile broadband at 'fibre-like' speed.
Jul 16, 2019

Youth will sustain Sub-Saharan Africa's mobile economy claims GSMA

Region's mobile ecosystem forecast to generate almost US$185 billion (9.1% of GDP) by 2023.
Mar 8, 2019

Ethiopia leverages infrastructure-led investment

Country's ICT sector grew by 7%, according to latest statistics from IDC.

Stirring Africa's mobile money giants

Progressive policy making can unlock a new wave of mobile money growth in Sub-Saharan Africa says Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, GSMA.
Oct 25, 2017

Ghana looks to mobile to fast-track digital transformation

Mobile offers the most widespread and inclusive means of accessing the internet and digital technologies.
Jul 11, 2017

African leaders mobilise in Tanzania to delve into tech opportunities

The total number of SIM connections expected to rise to nearly 1 billion by 2020, claims GSMA research.
Sep 7, 2015

MTN Nigeria apologises to subscribers

Mobile operator announces measures to cushion impact of SIM card validation.