Michael Malakata

Zambia’s Chamber of Commerce calls for suspension of comms taxes

Once taxes are suspended, operators can then reduce the cost of services to customers, organisation claims.
Michael Malakata

Banks urge consumers to go digital

Institutions move to reduce physical cash-based transactions as COVID-19 cases increase in Africa.

Coronavirus hits Zambia’s banking services

Customers advised to avoid visiting branches and rather use mobile money platforms, digital payment services.

MTN Uganda to fork out US$100-m for licence renewal

Government confirms development, market analyst describes it as one of the more expensive licence agreements for the region.

Malawi leans on USF in rural mobile comms rollout

Industry regulator confirms plans to establish telecommunications towers in latest project.

Gambia beats digital migration clock

Government confirms switchover will support objectives of the West African country’s National Development Plan.

Ethiopia’s internet shutdown triggers response

Human Rights Watch lobbies the country’s authorities over two-month long shutdown of communications, online services.

Gamcel needs govt support to avoid closure

Lack of investment in network has cost company major market share says general manager.

Uganda approaches China for US$150-m tech loan

Country looks to bolster national backbone infrastructure project.

Ethiopia delays telco licensing process

Government says current schedule is too aggressive and new process only likely to take place after March 2020.
Feb 26, 2020

Seychelles' US$20-m cable project to go live in 2021

Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) will connect the group of islands, via Kenya, with the international community.

Internet price thwarts Zambia's progress with access

Digital 2020 Global Overview reflects growth in internet penetration, but cost keeps resource beyond the reach of many.