Edgar Lungu

Zambia: Lungu threatens widespread arrests of social media abusers

Industry regulator ordered to stop irresponsible use of social media platforms.
Michael Malakata
Dec 10, 2020

Zamtel's future hangs in the balance … again

Zambia’s government initiates another request with the IMF for economic bailout.
Sep 10, 2019

Zambia's Edgar Lungu moves to stem anti-South African tide

President lambasts students that attacked SA firms and has requested intervention by SADC, AU for what he described a 'worsening situation' in South Africa.
Jun 29, 2018

US$10 billion satellite TV project launched in Zambia

Chinese firms at the forefront of Southern African country's digital migration.
May 17, 2018

Zambia's govt: 'we will not shut down social media'

Concern grows over the possible introduction of three new internet regulation bills.
Feb 9, 2018

Zambia tables legislation to regulate social media

Three bills put before parliament in efforts to control online resources.
Jan 31, 2018

Corruption allegations cloud Zambia's digital migration

President accused of manipulating process to personally benefit.
Apr 12, 2017

Zambian president cuts off funding to ZICTA, Zamtel

Edgar Lungu tells Minister of Communications and Transport the two entities must 'stop suckling from government'.
Mar 16, 2017

Zambia abandons agriculture e-voucher system

Two years after launching the initiative, authorities cite low ROI as a key reason for the decision to end programme governing the e-system.
Aug 23, 2016

Zambia's election controversy spills over to airwaves

Authorities clamp down on broadcasters after news breaks of votes erroneously awarded to president Edgar Lungu.
Aug 19, 2016

Did politics bring down Zambia's internet?

Mobile users in specific regions suggest authorities blocked internet services soon after controversial election results.
Aug 11, 2016

Zambia's ConCourt orders comms minister to vacate office

Judgement found in favour of Law Association of Zambia, and the United party for National Development.