Bryan Hamman

The great non-divide between cyber security and geopolitics

The combination of the information shift to cloud computing and the energy move to the smart grid is creating a massive headache for governments according to?Bryan Hamman of Arbor Networks.
Jan 11, 2017

Some perspective on IoT devices and DDoS attacks

Embedded Internet-of-Thing (IoT) botnets are not a new phenomenon - we've seen them leveraged to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, send spam, engage in man-in-the-middle (MitM) credentials hijacking, and other malicious activities for several years. For instance, a few years ago, a 75,000-strong botnet comprised of embedded devices - consumer broadband routers, in that instance - was found to be launching DDoS attacks. We routinely see IoT botnets comprised of webcams, DVRs, cable television set-top boxes, satellite set-top boxes, and more used to launch DDoS attacks.
Nov 24, 2016

New consumer survey shows high anxiety about online security does not translate into action

A new consumer survey concluded that two-thirds of Americans believe themselves to be tech savvy, although their actions with regard to online security indicate otherwise - with millennials being the worst offenders.

Study affirms the DDoS challenge

Arbor Networks was invited to collaborate on the whitepaper "The Zettabyte Era: Trends and Analysis", by Cisco.?
Jun 24, 2016

Connecting the dots: Reactionary, respond-to-alerts based security posture will not protect from advanced threats

"The news is not good. The detection deficit is getting worse," says Bryan Hamman, territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Arbor Networks.
Jun 23, 2016

DNS attacks on the increase, concern for SA firms

Arbor Networks Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report provides a rare insight into the nature of today's network security threats.
May 27, 2016

Separating the attack that matters from the noise

A business' reputation now rests on how well it has armed, defended, revealed and responded to a cyber attack according to Bryan Hamman of Arbor Networks.

Understanding the risk and cost of a DDoS attack

Bryan Hamman of Arbor Networks in sub-Saharan Africa explains?why a?continuing and growing threat to service availability is (DDoS) attacks.
May 20, 2016

Arbor Networks adds new security layer for West Africa

Software firm partners with Nigeria's Layer3 to tackle DDoS attacks.
Jan 29, 2016

OPINION: Effective DDoS protection for financial companies

A broad, multi-faceted approach will help to ensure financial institutions are better protected.