Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks adds new security layer for West Africa

Software firm partners with Nigeria's Layer3 to tackle DDoS attacks.
Paul Adepoju
Mar 1, 2017

Arbor Networks named Best Overall Security Company at 13th Annual Info Security Product Guide's Global Excellence Awards

Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Arbor Networks as Best Overall Security Company (500-2,499 employees) at the 13th Annual Global Excellence Awards.
Jan 11, 2017

Some perspective on IoT devices and DDoS attacks

Embedded Internet-of-Thing (IoT) botnets are not a new phenomenon - we've seen them leveraged to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, send spam, engage in man-in-the-middle (MitM) credentials hijacking, and other malicious activities for several years. For instance, a few years ago, a 75,000-strong botnet comprised of embedded devices - consumer broadband routers, in that instance - was found to be launching DDoS attacks. We routinely see IoT botnets comprised of webcams, DVRs, cable television set-top boxes, satellite set-top boxes, and more used to launch DDoS attacks.
Nov 24, 2016

New consumer survey shows high anxiety about online security does not translate into action

A new consumer survey concluded that two-thirds of Americans believe themselves to be tech savvy, although their actions with regard to online security indicate otherwise - with millennials being the worst offenders.
Aug 12, 2016

Protect local e-Sports before it 's game over

At the start of this year, South Africa announced its first one million Rand prize money in an e-Sports tournament, the Telkom DGL Masters tournament.
Jun 24, 2016

Connecting the dots: Reactionary, respond-to-alerts based security posture will not protect from advanced threats

"The news is not good. The detection deficit is getting worse," says Bryan Hamman, territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Arbor Networks.

Survey shows it takes almost 100 days for financial services organisations to identify advanced cyber threats

Although financial services organisation are well aware that they are the targets of serious and advanced security threats, they struggle to identify attacks once they are inside their network.
Jun 29, 2015

Increased vigilance needed to avoid being hacked

Cyber attacks are happening on both a small and a grand scale - and regularly," says Bryan Hamman, territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Arbor Networks.
Mar 19, 2015

DDoS protection – what budget share should it get?

When allocating budget to DDoS protection, consider the full cost to the organisation of critical applications going down, says Arbor Networks.
Jan 8, 2014

Surging mobile internet demand straining African telecom networks

94% of internet users in the Middle East and Africa forecast to access web via phones.