Safaricom takes over lead in Kenya's FTTH market

Latest CA report shows the company has overtaken Wananchi's Zuku.
Vincent Matinde
Sep 15, 2017

Zuku Fire blazes in Dar es Salaam

Data consumption in Tanzania is three times higher than in Swaziland, according to Wananchi Group CEO.
Aug 7, 2017

Zuku to change prices amid inflationary pressures

The Wananchi Group establishment will also be offering a speed boost to some of the affected plans.
Apr 24, 2017

Kenyan ISPs under fire by disgruntled subscribers

Service providers attribute difficulties to Seacom outage.
Dec 6, 2016

Azuri, Zuku partner on solar PayGo TV and satellite service

In a move described as a 'world-first' companies are poised to capitalise on Kenya's digital TV market.
Feb 18, 2016

Wananchi Group's Zuku initiates Kshs 2.5bn network upgrade

With an increase in bandwidth consumption and growth in subscriber numbers, company says it will invest Kshs 2.5bn in support of expansion plans.
Feb 4, 2016

Liquid Telecom goes after Zuku

Network firm outlines strategy to capture more of Kenya's FTTH market.
Jan 8, 2016

Mixed signals from Kenya's VoD market

Service providers must address issues like bandwidth availability and payment structures to meet consumer demand.
Aug 11, 2015

Wananchi Group's plan to stay on top

Amid increasing competition, CEO speaks of infrastructure investment, network extension and service delivery to sustain leadership in fixed internet.
Jul 3, 2015

Nairobi schools to get free internet

High-speed fixed internet will now be rolled out to over 2,000 public and private schools.
May 5, 2015

Safaricom to launch set top box service

The telecoms company is expected to launch its service this week.
Mar 20, 2015

'LTE is a complimentary service to fixed broadband'

Wananchi Group CEO shares his view on where LTE fits into the broadband picture.