Fibre networks

Transforming and maximising existing fibre networks

Maximising existing optical fibre infrastructure is a challenge that needs tackling by network operators according to?Herve Guyomard, BDM Southern Europe and EMEA at ProLabs.
Apr 7, 2016

Zimbabwe orders state telcos to prepare to share

Southern African country announces the readiness of legal framework that will enforce the sharing of telecommunications infrastructure.
Nov 4, 2015

FTTH Council Global Alliance names 4th November annual Gimme Fibre Day!

The FCGA have announced the 4th November as the annual Gimme Fibre! day.
Jan 8, 2014

AccessKenya eyes connecting 15 Kenyan counties in 2014

Internet group plans to expand its business across the East African nation.
Oct 29, 2013

Botswana Fibre Networks aims for global expansion

Wholesale telecoms provider BoFiNet is looking to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.