Liquid launches solution as DDoS attacks pound Africa

Company said DDoS tops the list of cyber security attacks and threats like this cost the African GDP US$4.2-billion in 2021.
Staff Writer
Jul 13, 2017

Google and Jigsaw launching safeguarding tools for Kenya election

The free tools aim to secure news agencies, human rights groups and election monitoring sites.

The importance of protecting business apps in the cloud

Business is inarguably dependent on the cloud. That means disruption of access to those services is devastating to productivity, which is one of the key performance indicators in any business, says Networks Unlimited.
Nov 18, 2016

F5 Infosec survey reveals over a third of organisations are yet to develop a cyber-attack response plan

F5 Networks has announced the findings of a survey into current concerns in the security community, conducted at the Infosecurity Europe 2016 show in London.
Aug 30, 2016

Gilat Satcom expands operations in Ghana

Upgrades to fibre and satellite services in bid to enhance capacity, service time.
Aug 12, 2016

Protect local e-Sports before it 's game over

At the start of this year, South Africa announced its first one million Rand prize money in an e-Sports tournament, the Telkom DGL Masters tournament.
Jun 20, 2016

DDOS attacks don't have to mean 'game over'

DDOS attacks are one of the most haunting of all the information security threats keeping information security pros awake at night.
Jan 29, 2016

OPINION: Effective DDoS protection for financial companies

A broad, multi-faceted approach will help to ensure financial institutions are better protected.
Dec 11, 2015

'Tis the season to be hacked

As retail stores ramp up their online offerings to entice shoppers, companies need to be on guard. A common belief is that hackers target individual accounts, but this needs to be "mythbusted".

Survey shows it takes almost 100 days for financial services organisations to identify advanced cyber threats

Although financial services organisation are well aware that they are the targets of serious and advanced security threats, they struggle to identify attacks once they are inside their network.
Aug 27, 2015

Arbor Networks Secures Three New Patents for DDoS Detection & Mitigation

Arbor Networks, Inc. announced three additional patents for different aspects of DDoS attack detection and mitigation today.
Mar 19, 2015

DDoS protection – what budget share should it get?

When allocating budget to DDoS protection, consider the full cost to the organisation of critical applications going down, says Arbor Networks.