Black Friday

Stay safe when shopping online this festive season

As local businesses ramp up for Black Friday, consumers are vulnerable to threats from bad actors. PayPal sales development director for Africa Mark Mwongela offers some advice on how to stay safe.
Mark Mwongela

Tusk Innovation Announces New Products Black Friday

As one of the top Electrical solution companies, Tusk innovation has announced 30% Black Friday discounts on its combo of mining equipment, which combines a solar panel with a bitcoin miner.
Nov 9, 2020

Covid-19, Black Friday’s perfect storm

Industry experts agree that if anything, the global pandemic has heightened the value of e-commerce and underlined Black Friday as a trade season.
Nov 28, 2019

Data at the heart of Jumia Nigeria's Black Friday strategy

Chief executive officer Juliet Anammah said the campaign will contribute significantly to driving e-commerce adoption.
Nov 22, 2019

Shopping sites prepare for Black Friday battles

Black Friday frenzy has already begun as online retailers prepare for what’s expected to be 2019’s biggest shopping day.
Oct 15, 2019

SA's PayGate predicts 30% increase in Black Friday sales

In 2018 the company processed 64% of Black Friday transactions and it believes this could increase to 70% in 2019.
Nov 21, 2018

Tech advice to SA banks ahead of Black Friday 2018

Managed services firm believes banks should use transaction monitoring tech to safeguard systems.

Facebook threatens Jumia's dominance in Africa

A new poll has found that a significant number of buyers and sellers are using Facebook groups for ecommerce transactions.
Jan 12, 2018

Jumia reached 1bn visit landmark in 2017

Events like Black Friday have helped to secure the increase, according to the company.
Nov 27, 2017

Obtaining customer data for analysis - in a hassle-free manner

Online retailers gain access to a wide variety of electronic data about customers, each time these clients visit their website. In order to best utilise this information and improve their services, retailers need to understand that there are effectively two types of customers - those that are known quantities, and those that are unknown.says David Cosgrave, Customer Intelligence Practice Lead: EMEA South at SAS.
Nov 27, 2017

How analytics can take the 'black' out of Black Friday

David Cosgrave, Customer Intelligence Practice Lead: EMEA South at SAS says it should be remembered that while the Black Friday sales are an extremely busy time for retailers, it is an equally busy period for consumers.
Nov 24, 2017

Sites buckle under Black Friday pressure

Several local online retailers have had trouble keeping their sites up and running due to overwhelming volumes of visitors trying to find a deal this Black Friday.