Reserve Bank of Malawi

Malawi’s Central Bank confirms increased consumer confidence in Fintech

Reserve Bank of Malawi releases National Payment Systems report for the period ended December 2022.
Michael Malakata
May 24, 2021

Malawi’s central bank blames pandemic for drop in Fintech use

Reserve Bank releases report confirming decrease in volume generated by all electronic payment streams.

Rise in demand for Digital Financial Services in Malawi

Latest statistics based on Reserve Bank’s quarterly National Payment Systems report.

Malawi: businesses forced to adopt digital payment

Reserve Bank of Malawi details regulation in place to make it mandatory for businesses to adopt at least one channel.

Malawi reconsidering legal status of cryptocurrencies

Reserve Bank of Malawi details dilemma that banning digital currency would force users to ‘go underground’.

Lack of regulation impedes Malawi's financial inclusion strategy

Country records increase in mobile money users and agents, but there is no regulation to extend reach to rural regions.

Malawi's Central Bank toughens up on cryptocurrencies

No legal consumer recourse channels currently available, warns Bank's governor.

Malawi records Q1 drop in mobile money activity

Despite an increase in the number of subscribers, claims latest Reserve Bank report.
Jul 3, 2018

Latest partnership a boost for Malawi's financial ambitions

First Merchant Bank, Airtel Malawi enter into formal partnership to facilitate digital money transfers.

Malawi likes mobile money

Latest report from Reserve Bank confirms a rise in uptake and use of mobile money services.