Paul Kagame

ITU remains concerned despite US$24bn collected for global connectivity

Rwanda acknowledges role played by Secretary-General of the UN agency Houlin Zhao.
Staff Writer
Apr 1, 2022

Rwanda, WEF launch Africa’s first C4IR

Data governance and emerging technologies, such as data governance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, will be critical areas of focus.
Jun 1, 2020

July blast-off for Rwanda Space Agency

ICT and Innovation Ministry said the Agency will position the country to actively participate in the global space economy, valued at over US$400-billion.
Oct 15, 2019

Rwanda's Kagame bemoans country's low smartphone penetration rate

President vows more action to address issues of cost and quality.
Nov 1, 2018

Africa's first electronic world trade platform in Rwanda

Alibaba's Jack Ma, President Paul Kagame commit to MoUs.
Sep 10, 2018

Kagame lauds agritech's fledgling entrepreneurs

Rwandan leader believes the technology available today means there has never been a better time to tap into opportunities in agricultural sector.
May 9, 2018

Kagame warns that technological advancement is not a panacea

Rwanda's President has cautioned against believing that technology will compensate for other shortcomings at Transform Africa 2018.
Mar 29, 2018

African leaders urged to help mobilise tech, science

Senegalese president calls on governments to remove obstacles impeding free movement and education.
Mar 27, 2018

African governments accused of underestimating continent's tech capability

It doesn't make sense to keep using the same external suppliers for solutions says Rwanda's President Paul Kagame.

Africa must prioritise STEM skills to benefit from innovation

President Paul Kagame calls for 'innovation ecosystem' at NEF Global Gathering 2018 in Kigali.

Africa has little cause for celebration as the Web turns 29

As the world toasts the internet's birthday, the continent must concede that it continues to play catch-up in providing access to the internet and attracting more users.
Feb 2, 2018

Is global assistance a threat to African Union's ICT integrity?

Industry analyst offers perspective on media reports that ICT infrastructure donated by China allegedly used to spy on organisation.