Internet shutdowns: Ethiopian businesses lose US$146-million

New report quantifies country’s loss after internet shutdown in Tigray in 2022.
Michael Malakata
Mar 17, 2021

Africa continues to try to censor social media

Study shows over the past six years, 28 out of 54 countries on the continent have employed some form of a social media ban or disruption.
Jan 10, 2020

Africa loses $2bn from Internet shutdowns

Sub-Saharan Africa lost more than $2 billion in economic value in 2019 after deliberate government action to shut down the Internet for more than 7 800 hours, a new report reveals.
Mar 29, 2019

Social media blocked in Chad for a year

Resistance is mounting as social media blackout reaches one-year anniversary says Samuel Woodhams,Researcher at Top10VPN.