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How Nextivity enables IOT innovation with signal-boosting technology

By , Business Unit Manager, Duxbury Networking.
15 Mar 2024
Tobie van Schalkwyk, Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking.
Tobie van Schalkwyk, Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking.

By 2030, there are expected to be more than 29 billion Internet of Things (IOT) devices in use by virtually all industry sectors globally. From utilities and retail to transport and storage, the impact of these connected devices that share data directly from the edge of computing has been significant. However, one of the most significant challenges when collecting and analysing this data is unreliable connectivity. This is where signal-boosting solutions can unlock the true potential of IOT to help organisations gain a significant competitive advantage.

IOT devices, from sensors monitoring critical infrastructure to smart devices enhancing customer experiences, depend on uninterrupted connectivity to transmit data effectively. If this connectivity is weak or sporadic, the resultant data loss can cause delays, lead to inaccuracies, and undermine the effectiveness of IOT applications. Signal-boosting technology, such as that provided by Nextivity, looks to take on these connectivity challenges head-on. For instance, Nextivity relies on IntelliBoost chip technology to intelligently amplify cellular signals to enhance the reliability and performance of IOT devices across various environments. From industrial settings where machinery may obstruct signals, to remote locations with inherently weak coverage, Nextivity's technology ensures that connectivity is no longer a bottleneck for IOT innovation.

IOT business enablement

Signal boosting technology therefore provides companies reliant on IOT data with the peace of mind that there is a consistent and reliable transmission from the edge to their back-end systems. Additionally, companies can roll out even more advanced IOT solutions that can range from real-time monitoring of assets to deploying powerful edge computing capabilities. The result is improved operational efficiency and the ability to unlock new business models and revenue streams.

Just consider the complexities when it comes to IOT deployment. Whether it is ensuring coverage across sprawling industrial complexes across Johannesburg or penetrating thick walls in historic buildings in Cape Town, it comes down to the most efficient way of bridging the connectivity gap. This is essential to deploy IOT devices at scale and empower companies to maintain a seamless network of interconnected devices, regardless of their physical location or environmental obstacles.

Think therefore of reliable connectivity as a strategic asset that acts as an enabler to realise the full benefits of IOT deployments. So, by making sure data from edge devices is accurate, timely, and secure, business and technology leaders can make informed decisions, rapidly adapt to market changes, and continue to innovate.

An exciting foundation

Yes, IOT is about deploying the latest devices. But these devices must also reliably communicate and deliver valuable insights. Signal-boosting technology lies at the heart of this capability.

As we move forward, the role of enhanced connectivity in enabling IOT innovation will only grow, making solutions like those offered by Nextivity indispensable for companies looking to lead in the digital age.

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