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Zambia's first WhatsApp client service initiative launched

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 07 Oct 2015

Zambia's first WhatsApp client service initiative launched

Mobile operator MTN Zambia has launched what has been described as the Southern African country's first ever WhatsApp based customer service in the telecom industry.

Customers can interact with the company's customer care unit using instant messaging application, WhatsApp and receive responses to queries in real time.

In a statement today, MTN Zambia chief marketing officer Manu Rajan said the WhatsApp based customer care service is alternative and more effective way of engaging with customers for any concern - not only through chatting, but also with the help of visuals, images and audio videos.

Rajan said the new service is just the beginning of more innovative solutions to come. "Delivery of quality customer experience is dependent on how we interact with them. We are leveraging our customers' preferred interactive channels and using that platform to engage them in order for us to serve them better."

Rajan added that with the growing number of data customers on the MTN network and the increase in smartphones, MTN Zambia can now reach out to a lot more customers through non-traditional and futuristic means of providing customer service like social media.

Issues expected to be tackled via the WhatsApp service include education on the operator's products and services, customer complaints and general inquiries.

MTN Zambia currently provides free WhatsApp for 24 hours when customers purchase 20Mb data bundles and subscribe to the WhatsApp service.

The mobile operator also confirmed its intention to invest heavily in interactive customer service channels to "get closer to the customer".

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