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Infobip donates communications platform to Laerskool Leondale

Infobip, a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, has donated a communications solution to Laerskool Leondale, one of its long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) beneficiaries. The communication platform will enable the school to seamlessly communicate with students, parents, and staff more cost-effectively and efficiently, initially through SMS and email. The platform will also enable the school to manage contacts and communications with detailed reporting.

The implementation of the solution came at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic critically increased the requirement and importance of communication for the school.

Ntombi Mahlangu, acting principal at Laerskool Leondale.
Ntombi Mahlangu, acting principal at Laerskool Leondale.

Ntombi Mahlangu, acting principal at Laerskool Leondale says, “Reflecting on 2020, we experienced a major need to keep learners, teachers, parents and other stakeholders informed about changes in the school terms and other important issues as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Resorting to traditional methods of communication such as printing letters and giving them to students proved to be ineffective. Infobip’s solution has helped us address the communication gap by providing a valuable platform for us to connect with all our stakeholders reliably and effectively.”

Besides the solution being Web-based, which means that school administrators only require an Internet connection to access, the cost of an SMS and/or an email is ten times lower than printing letters, saving the school significant costs. Communication is distributed from one system, meaning only authorised messages are sent, and the school can obtain contact information from the database quickly and seamlessly. In addition, due to its digital nature, the school is also able to track the delivery of messages, ensuring they reach the intended recipients.

“With printed letters, there was no way for the school to track whether parents and other key stakeholders had received news, as we relied on students to deliver these letters to their parents. The solution enables us to establish if the messages sent to our database were actually delivered through reporting capabilities,” continues Mahlangu.

Douglas Van Wyk, Regional Manager Southern Africa, Infobip, says, “Infobip’s communication platform will ensure everybody is informed of important information, happenings, notices and changes in a timely manner. Parents and teachers now have a solid communication platform at their disposal to ensure no confusion or false messages are being spread.

“We chose to partner with a school because it resonated with two goals. Firstly, to ensure inclusion and quality of education for all children, as is Nelson Mandela’s view that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Our second goal is for all children in Early Childhood Development (ECD) to have access to learning resources for development. Our first project with the school was library tracking software that enables students to borrow books from the library, which was a challenge in the past as there was no simplified way of tracking the book. This latest initiative further adds value by alleviating the communication challenges in times of Covid-19.”

Infobip will continue to support the platform with new features and channels that may become available, for example WhatsApp, when the school is ready to adopt them. The company is also continuing to support the school with upgrades, training, and technical support.

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