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Swaziland looks to SOR approach for enhanced HCM

Swaziland looks to SOR approach for enhanced HCM

CRS is offering Swaziland a record golden opportunity and the HR and HCM solution specialist has presented an established state controlled services entity in Swaziland with a clear opening to leverage fully automated, centralised HCM using a single platform – the System of Record (SOR) approach to data storage, retrieval and manipulation.

It is an approach that brings together output data from multiple source systems, reprocessing the data and then applying it for a new business use.

The main objective is to ensure full compliance with measures to safeguard data integrity and security, and the main requirement is to have a traceable connection to a credible source – in other words, a known System of Record.

This type of approach is ideal for environments where there is a single authority over all data consumers and all consumers have similar needs.

CRS Customer Success Manager, Kabelo Ngwane, explains that based on feedback received from the Swaziland market there is a substantial need for an up-to-date Master employee file and automated leave management solution.

"Investing in a consolidated and integrated HCM single system of record and what is effectively a single employee record has empowered clients with the means to significantly improve the quality of leave reporting and people management" he said.

Clients must adhere to strict control of records, and must take cognisance of specific rules and regulations.

Sandra Maritz, CRS Employment Legislation specialist explained that another key aspect in Swaziland is that all employers must keep records showing remuneration paid to the employees and the amount of tax periodically deducted from the latter.

A penalty may be enforced against anyone who does not keep a record of employees' tax deductions and remuneration, or fails to keep such a record for five years after the last entry.

Employers are required to keep a record of each employee containing their personal details and full employment record.

These records must be written in ink, typescript or a combination of these, and be retained by the employer for a period of three years from the date of the last entry.

There are parallels between the Swaziland HR and HCM system and that of South Africa in that there are very specific, very strict regulations that are designed to promote data integrity and transparency.

CRS Technologies, via its SaaS business component, continues to add value and assist its client in negotiating these stringent regulations around record keeping.

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