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Chipper Cash readies to compete for share of SA’s Fintech market

24 million South Africans send money to each other daily, according to the company.
Tawanda Karombo
Oct 21, 2020

WorldRemit Sees Remittances to Zimbabwe Double in Six Months and Introduces New Retail Partnership With OK Zimbabwe

WorldRemit reports demand for their remittance services to Zimbabwe continues to grow at an accelerated rate and has doubled in the last six months for the company.
Jun 9, 2020

Mukuru partners WorldRemit to service Zimbabwe

The partnership enables WorldRemit customers in 50 countries to send money to recipients in the Southern African country.
Dec 13, 2018

WorldRemit, Zim's BancABC partner on transfer service

Over 3 million expats living abroad who can access mobile money transfer service, says exec.