Gen VI – the stakes just got higher in cyber security

CheckPoint outlines the risks to business and its prevent-focused strategy at CPX360 2019.
Christopher Tredger
Oct 8, 2018

International espionage incident should ring Africa's alarm bells

IT security experts say advent of cloud and digitalisation has expanded continent's cyber security threat landscape.
Jun 8, 2018

Crypto-mining malware a major threat to African markets

Poor server patching a gap in the defence says Check Point.
Jun 24, 2016

East Africa: govts, telcos are top targets for cybercriminals

Control Risk analysis reveals in this region of the continent, corporates are not the main target.
Jun 3, 2016

Mobile-first status a chink in Africa's security armour?

Threat Index analysis by CheckPoint shows African nations are in the upper rankings and more at risk from cyber-attacks.