Burundi shuts down internet access

Global human rights group AccessNow has written to UN and AU to ensure freedom of expression.
Vincent Matinde
Jan 17, 2014

Zambian police crackdown on ‘misuse of internet, online porn’

Investigations launched into ‘perpetrators’ amid a strict clampdown in the country.
Jan 6, 2014

Uproar over anti-pornography media bill in Uganda

Local human rights groups are up in arms over the proposed law amid concerns of censorship.
Jul 22, 2013

Zambia’s government intensifies online media crackdown

Another online publication called Zambia Reports has had its access blocked in the country.
Jul 27, 2012

Calls to shut down Zambia's online publications

The ruling Patriotic Front hits out at websites critical of the government.
Mar 27, 2012

Swaziland to ban online criticism of Mswati

The landlocked African country plans to crack down on those who insult the country`s king on Facebook and Twitter.
Mar 26, 2012

Egypt plans Internet porn ban

Censoring adult Web sites could become another strategy in the military government`s crackdown on Internet freedoms.