Patrick Evans

A better way to prioritise vulnerability management

While this has helped businesses gain new efficiencies and increase productivity, it has also opened these organisations up to new avenues of attack, as remote employees open up new potential vectors for cyber-criminals to exploit.
Patrick Evans
Jan 30, 2023

African Tech Voices: Governing cybersecurity from the top as a strategic business enabler

Cyber threats are increasing at a rate far greater than the industry is able to cope with. Despite this, C-Suite executives still don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough while boards are not nearly as engaged in cybersecurity as they are in other areas of oversight, says Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA CyberSecurity.

More industry partnerships formed as cyber attacks pound South Africa

redPanda Software and IntelliQ join forces, while SLVA Cybersecurity and Danish technology innovator, BullWall also unite.