Global tech industry chaos will impact cloud in Africa

Leadership at cloud platform provider and VMware specialist Routed say the one non-negotiable precondition to move into enterprise cloud is fast, reliable, cheap internet. Only fibre sufficiently provides that, and only in South Africa.
Staff Writer
Aug 15, 2022

On cloud, customers want value not cheap solutions

Offering the same solution as other MSPs and systems integrators is not it says Andrew Cruise, Routed Managing Director.
Jan 14, 2021

Routed achieves VMware Principal Partner status

Status positions cloud services provider to upscale client services and offerings.
Feb 10, 2020

Mastering the complexity of multicloud in 2020

The biggest benefit of multicloud is the way in which it lends itself to a best of breed approach says Andrew Cruise, managing director at Routed.

South Africa continues to tippy-toe into the cloud

DR, back-up and storage are only the startto a cloud migration says Christian Mahncke, Enterprise Development Manager at Routed.