Spinnaker Software

Arch Retail Systems is now multi-currency fiscal compliant in Zimbabwe

The regulation compels sellers of various goods and services to display, quote and offer prices in both Zimbabwean dollar and foreign currency at the ruling exchange rate.
Jul 15, 2020

Arch automates the full procure-to-payment process

The modern trend is to automate and integrate the full procure-to-payment process, seamlessly connecting procurement and invoicing operations.
Feb 27, 2020

Arch Accounting - a game changer

The rising cost of software licenses for ERP systems has become substantial - to address this, Arch Financial Integration (AFI), a division of Spinnaker Software, has developed Arch Accounting (AA).
Oct 2, 2018

Arch Retail Attended OK Foods Conference in Lisbon

Spinnaker Software, preferred POS supplier to OK with Arch Retail Systems, was honoured to have been invited to attend the OK Foods annual performers conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Arch Retail enters Middle East Market

Spinnaker Software has entered into a partnership agreement with Sepia Technologies, a Dubai based POS company, who will market and support the Arch solution in the UAE. Spinnaker maintains the role of technology partner, ensuring an advanced reliable solution.

Arch Retail Joins Forces with Ultra Liquors

Spinnaker Software has concluded a deal with Ultra Liquors to convert all their stores nationally to Arch Retail Systems.

Software enhancements to address shrinkage in butcheries

Spinnaker Software has developed various features in its Arch Retail System to help prevent shrinkage, and to maximise profits in butchery operations.

Arch Retail-SAP Integration at Cambridge Food

Spinnaker Software is celebrating its long standing relationship with Cambridge Foods and announcing the completion of a comprehensive integration to its SAP ERP system.
Oct 12, 2016

Risks of cyber fraud to merchants - strategy to adress this

Erik van As, Product Development & Strategy Officer at Spinnaker Software says it is critical for Merchants to take note of the cybercrime?threat.

Arch Presence in the DRC

Spinnaker has embarked on a strategic expansion strategy into Africa.
Oct 12, 2015

OK Foods Annual Conference

OK Foods, Franchise Division of Shoprite Checkers, recently held their annual conference in Amsterdam, Holland.
Jan 15, 2014

Connect Africa integrates Arch Retail management solution

Arch Retail Software is now operational in 5 Supermarkets, 3 Wholesalers, 2 Liquor stores and a Butchery.