Tom Makau

Tech pundits praise cloud as controversy hovers over Kenya's 2022 election results

Despite some glitches, especially with OCR and handwritten votes, technology has been lauded for its role in communicating results.
Vincent Matinde

Kenya’s tech industries slam Practitioners Bill as retrogressive

Contentious proposed legislation is currently under review by the President.
Oct 29, 2021

Kenya: Mobile Pay Limited falls foul of regulator

Situation reflects increased pressure on smaller operators to continue to compete in country’s mobile money services market.
Mar 27, 2020

Experts concerned over recurring downtime with M-Pesa

Safaricom’s dominance in the mobile money market represents a challenge, according to analysts.
Mar 16, 2020

Kenyans urged to cashless, work from home amid Coronavirus pandemic

Industry experts appeal to ISPs and other service providers to adjust tariffs in light of situation.
Nov 26, 2018

Africa in IOT legislation balancing act

While new technology excites, experts warn of the need to safeguard connected data touchpoints and protect users.
Jul 10, 2018

AU's cyber security convention of little consequence

Experts cite limited ratification by member states and a general lack of will to protect citizens.

Africa's data protection woefully inadequate

Cambridge Analytica scandal a wake-up call for the continent say analysts.

Cambridge Analytica fiasco exposes Africa's vulnerabilities on data protection

Nairobi-based telecommunications analyst outlines renewed focus on Kenya's Data protection bill.
Aug 15, 2017

Tech the trump card in Kenya's elections

Local ICT expert believes integration with blockchain should be the next step to streamline process and enhance transparency.
Jan 8, 2016

Mixed signals from Kenya's VoD market

Service providers must address issues like bandwidth availability and payment structures to meet consumer demand.
Jan 14, 2015

New Kenyan security law to allow electronic evidence

Electronic and digital evidence to be admissible in court proceedings.