Vera Songwe

African Tech Voices: An Africa-G7 energy food and security grand bargain

Vera Songwe, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, says a new grand bargain between Africa, Europe and the US urgently needs to be forged.
Staff Writer
May 19, 2022

Africa’s financial architecture needs overhaul to meet SDG goals

One of the key takeaways from the 54th session of the Conference of Ministers (CoM2022) in Senegal under the theme “Financing Africa’s Recovery: Breaking New Ground”.
Mar 2, 2022

Calls for Africa to establish innovation network

Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa says this resource will spur innovation and accelerate development.

AI research centre boosts Congo’s digital ambitions

Facility described as a significant step in line with the government’s vision to promote innovation and the digital economy.
Aug 20, 2021

UN presses Cameroon to fast-track digital plans

Vera Songwe, Exec Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa met recently with Cameroon’s Minister of Finance.

Digitalisation, COVID-19 dominates African Finance Ministers conference

Conference has opened in Addis Ababa under the theme “Africa’s sustainable industrialisation and diversification in the digital era in the context of COVID-19.”

Gabon and Congo test 5G

Amid an increase in testing on the continent, ICT and telecommunications experts warn that testing does not equate to immediate readiness.