Don’t rue not getting into Bitcoin early, invest consistently now

To butcher a cliché, the best time to invest in Bitcoin was a decade ago says Tony Mallam, Managing Director, upnup.
Tony Mallam
Jan 26, 2021

Is Bitcoin the new gold?

Could the famous new ‘currency’ replace the world’s most traded material? And is this a bubble ready to burst? Wiehann Olivier, Partner and Digital Assets Lead at Mazars in South Africa deliberates.
Dec 4, 2020

Millennials prefer Bitcoin to gold as a safe-haven asset

This is according to a global survey by DeVere Group.
Oct 16, 2020

Bullish breakout for Bitcoin

Experts delve into the question: is Bitcoin set to have a 2017-style mini-boom this year?
Oct 12, 2020

Why covesting copy trading on PrimeXBT is better than hodling

Cryptocurrency margin trading also takes a ton of time commitment, patience, and skill, that most investors don’t have.
Aug 27, 2020

DCG Enters into Bitcoin Mining with Newest Subsidiary: Foundry

The new company will provide capital and advisory services to empower the digital asset mining ecosystem
May 12, 2020

Experts predict Bitcoin value to soar

Luno CEO predicts increase to ‘all-time highs’ within the next 12 to 18 months.
May 8, 2020

Heightened interest in Bitcoin block reward halving in South Africa

Country is ranked in second place globally, according to Google Trends data.
Mar 19, 2020

Zimbabwe hints at stricter cryptocurrency control

Reserve Bank executive announces proposal for a regulatory sandbox.
Sep 16, 2019

'Blockchain standards highly fragmented' says Gartner

Market analysis and research firm offers insight at Gartner Symposium 2019.
Jul 11, 2018

Zimbabwe still flirting with cryptocurrencies

Central bank says it is ready to embrace blockchain, but says it needs to be cautious as country initiates feasibility study.
Jul 3, 2018

Using AI to simplify hype-driven virtual currency space

Krypteum offering based on deep learning neural nets, machine learning models designed to predict cryptocurrency markets.