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eBook: Supercharging ITSM with ITOM for Dummies

Companies are increasingly leveraging technology to differentiate and transform employee and customer experiences in delightful and meaningful ways. IT organisations play a pivotal role in driving change to achieve the right business outcomes.

A significant driving force for digital transformation has been the rapid adoption of the people-centric, ‘Anywhere Operations’ IT operating model, necessitated, arguably, by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Against this backdrop, the need to digitise employee services and workflows across the enterprise has never been more critical.

About this book

Supercharging ITSM with ITOM For Dummies, Freshworks Special Edition, consists of five chapters that explore the following:

  • Current IT business challenges and opportunities (Chapter 1);
  • How to make IT service management fast and easy for your organisation (Chapter 2);
  • How ITOM improves your ITSM (Chapter 3);
  • How Freshservice can help you transform IT service management and IT operations management (Chapter 4); and
  • Ten benefits of Freshservice (Chapter 5).

Each chapter is written to stand on its own, so if you see a topic that piques your interest, feel free to jump ahead to that chapter.

You can read this book in any order that suits you (though we don’t recommend upside down or backwards).

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