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Transforming and maximising existing fibre networks

Maximising existing optical fibre infrastructure is a challenge that needs tackling by network operators - both large and small according to Herve Guyomard, BDM Southern Europe and EMEA at ProLabs.

Maximising existing optical fibre infrastructure is a challenge that needs tackling by network operators - both large and small. "Network operators often face hard choices that balance ROI, timing, and planning for the future; each of which ultimately impacts customer satisfaction," says Herve Guyomard, BDM Southern Europe and EMEA at ProLabs. "Installing new optical infrastructure is not only cost-prohibitive, but can require months of planning that may impact the ability to turn up new services."

ProLabs provides high-quality, compatible optical solutions that can help organisations maximise both their existing fibre infrastructure and their ROI. Distributed in more than 20 African countries by South Africa value-added distributer, Networks Unlimited, these products have significant TCO benefits compared to the traditional solutions deployed.

Guyomard points out that ProLabs bi-directional transceivers and passive WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) provide operators with solutions to maximise existing fibre infrastructure and avoid the time and expense of installing new optical fibre. "ProLabs is the perfect partner to engage in with discussions of fibre conservation and fibre exhaust. We have worked with numerous customers across various regions to do more with less, both from an economic and fibre perspective, to maximise their existing optical fibre infrastructure."

The simplest and most cost-effective solution, is the use of single-fibre bidirectional transceivers, which double the capacity of an existing fibre pair. Single-fibre bidirectional fibre transceivers send and receive signals over one single fibre strand, as opposed to using both fibres of a traditional transceiver pair. "Single-fibre transceivers provide welcome relief in all network segments, but their simple and cost-effective nature lends itself well to providing relief in campus environments and access networks. ProLabs offers an industry leading number of supported compatible platforms for our single fibre bidirectional compatibles line," he says.

The next effective and efficient solution is course wavelength division (CWDM) multiplexer solutions. "CWDM passive multiplexers and CWDM transceivers offer operators the ability to quickly scale the capacity of existing optical fibre infrastructure to deliver 8 x capacity and 16 x capacity over a single fibre pair. CWDM solutions are optimal in the metro, regional and access networks," points out Guyomard. "ProLabs' offering of CWDM transceivers and passive CWDM provide operators with the ability to quickly and inexpensively scale their fibre density, achieving up to 18 times greater capacity over a fibre pair."

"In addition, our dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) solutions possess key features that make it ideal for long haul and high capacity networks."

DWDM signals can be amplified to extend the transmission beyond the DWDM transceiver specifications. In addition, DWDM packs over 100 channels on to a single fibre pair. "DWDM transceivers and passive DWDM multiplexers work much like CWDM transceivers and passive multiplexers in the network," he continues. "DWDM solutions maximise fibre infrastructure over both a single fibre and a fibre pair."

Distinguishing itself from others in the market, ProLabs provides end-to-end services, including sourcing, coding, testing, customisation, responsive support and ongoing expertise. "The company has significantly expanded its R&D capabilities and is now at the forefront of technology development, challenging OEM dominance to become the largest and most innovative independent player in the global, mid-tier, optical network products market," concludes Guyomard.

"As a distribution partner of ProLabs, our customers have immediate access to these fibre solutions, enabling the growth of fibre on the continent, which is key to boosting Africa's economic prosperity," says Anton Jacobsz, MD at Networks Unlimited.

For any ProLabs queries at Networks Unlimited, please contact the ProLabs product manager, Morné Delport, at +27112028400.

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