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BongoHive, MTN Zambia unite for app development

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 29 Jan 2016

BongoHive, MTN Zambia unite for app development

MTN Zambia has signed a MoU with BongoHive, the country's tech and innovation hub to support local application and software developers.

The company said there is no limit to the number of developers it intends to help because it wants to harness as many good ideas as possible.

MTN Zambia CEO Charles Molapisi said the company wants to stimulate interest in technology, particularly among the youth, and expose them to an economic platform.

Molapisi said yesterday noted that many innovators are limited by a lack of resources, including infrastructure and finance, required to develop and model ideas.

As part of its support, MTN Zambia will provide unlimited access to the internet, market related training to guide developers on what kind of applications to develop.

With over 5 million potential users on the MTN Zambia network, Molapisi said the market prospects for developed apps and software look strong. "This sponsorship will provide an enabling environment in which developers are able to conceptualise, and bring to life apps that not only make lives better for business experience and the masses, but are also money making ventures for the young people."

Mark Townsend, Head of Enterprise Business Unit at MTN Zambia, reaffirmed the company's plans, "Once a developer has developed a good app or software, we will partner with the developer and we will put their product on the market," he said, adding that the initiative is ongoing and there is no limit to the number of people it wants to assist.

BongoHive is the first technology and innovation hub in Zambia built on an entrepreneurship hub concept.

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