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Sudan's military council restores internet

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Sudan , 12 Jul 2019

Sudan's military council restores internet

Sudan's ruling military transitional council has restored internet connectivity following a shutdown that has lasted over a month.

People are now able to access the 3G and 4G data connections, as well as use social media platforms.

The Council ordered the shutdown in June 2019 after widespread public protests broke out following the ousting of President Omar Al Bashir.

Spokesperson for the Council Lt. Gen Shamseldin EL Kabbashi said the delay in restoring the internet was aimed at cementing the power sharing agreement that has been agreed between the Council and the Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC), a pro- democracy movement that had been organising protests

"We delayed the return of the internet in order to maintain the agreement. Soon a meeting will be called between the Transitional Military Council and AFC to unite the media discourse," said Kabbashi.

Khalid Omar, secretary general of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party, also confirmed the return of internet – but noted the development follows a court order in the case filed by lawyer Abdelazim Hassan and the Consumer Protection Association against the country's telecom companies.

Omar said the shutdown was a violation of people's constitutional rights. "The most important thing in the decision of the return of the internet is that it came by judicial order. Now we can continue to provide factual updates about political developments to Sudanese..."

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