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Samsung Mobile Nigeria Facebook page restored after hack

By , Editor, ITWeb Africa
Nigeria , 12 Jan 2013

Samsung Mobile Nigeria Facebook page restored after hack

Strangely worded updates littered a public Facebook page belonging to electronic firm Samsung Nigeria this week in what appeared to be a hack of the tech giant’s social network presence.

The official Facebook page of Samsung Mobile Nigeria has just over 168,000 followers. And on Friday this week it became apparent that a hacker - who appeared to have had administrator access to the page - posted several updates such as “Whose was this Fanpage” and “Who can I get e-mail manager that has been”.

Another update read “I am a Muslim and I want you fanpagen (sic) to behold back manager really”, which elicited outraged responses from followers of the Facebook page.

It is unclear as to how the page was compromised, but Samsung has restored its Nigerian social network page following the incident.

Samsung, though, has not responded to queries from ITWeb Africa about how the incident happened. At the time of writing, the company has also not said anything about the incident on its Facebook page.

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