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Ozone builds world of cyber security solutions for SA businesses

Ozone Information Technology Distribution (Ozone) has developed a comprehensive portfolio designed to provide organisations with robust cybersecurity, file sharing, digital forensics, and business continuity.

This solutions-driven portfolio includes Neverfail, Nuix, WhatsUp Gold, MoveIT, Kerio Control, GFI Languard, and Keeper Password Management, among others.

“The current cybersecurity climate is extremely challenging for local organisations,” says Henk Olivier, MD at Ozone Information Technology Distribution.

“Companies need better tools and solutions to help protect them from the increasingly complex and intelligent threat actors that put their data and employees at risk. This complex environment, and the rigorous compliance requirements now mandated by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), makes it critical that companies gain access to solutions that meet their compliance, security, and business continuity needs.”

The solutions curated by Ozone have been selected because of their proven capabilities, award-winning reputations, and their robust service delivery. Keeper Security is a market leader and recently won three awards at the RSA Conference 2021 that include: Most Innovative in Endpoint Security, Hot Company in Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Cutting Edge in Security Company of the Year.

GFI Languard and Kerio Control are available as part of the GFI Unlimited subscription and provide superb value for money and rich control over patch management, vulnerability, perimeter control firewall and web filtering.

MoveIT and WhatsUp Gold, both sitting in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, offer tried and tested capabilities to the business. MoveIT is a managed file transfer solution that can transfer files up to 30MB, and WhatsUp Gold provides preventative maintenance and graphical network representation alongside automated alerts and event management.

Neverfail provides business continuity support that goes beyond just backup and disaster recovery – it can be optimised to meet very stringent business requirements and protects the business against unacceptable downtime and data loss. Finally, Nuix is a digital forensics suite of services currently in use by the big four audit houses and the criminology and police sectors.

It’s the ideal fit for the business that requires internal and external fraud detection and an intelligent investigative analytics platform.

“Our focus is on providing skilled resellers and international and local corporates with solutions that really will meet their cybersecurity and digital resilience requirements,” says Olivier.

“Offering superb value for money, robust security, optimised business continuity, and so much more, these solutions fit neatly into the gaps that every organisation needs to fill.”

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