Put people on the defensive
It’s the human factor that adds the final layer of defence to the organisation.
08 Nov 2022
Resilience is critical for modern security
Investing into a robust cyber-resilience strategy and technology is key to strengthening the security posture of the organisation.
23 Aug 2022
Smart cities and the importance of security
Making security a priority for citizens within the smart city, explains Henk Olivier, MD of Ozone Information Technology Distribution.
04 Jul 2022
Three security issues that should be top of mind right now
Don’t be a victim, be the business that’s prepared for what the threat landscape has in store.
01 Jun 2022
Public sector security has to remain a priority
Public sector municipalities can build a culture of security with the right tools, training and technology.
16 May 2022
Trust nothing, plan for everything
A zero trust model means every user and employee isn’t only authenticated when they access data or systems, they are authenticated constantly.
01 Nov 2021
Oct 1, 2021

Five ways to protect a residential estate from fraudsters

Solar geyser and generator fraud is one of the latest scams to hit the property sector.

Ozone builds world of cyber security solutions for SA businesses
This solutions-driven portfolio includes Neverfail, Nuix, WhatsUp Gold, MoveIT, Kerio Control, GFI Languard and Keeper Password Management.
24 Aug 2021